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The Dreamshelter Festival 2020

Thomas Hauser

The Dreamshelter Festival 2020 will be in collaboration with Festspielhaus Fuessen on September 4th. Tom´s Label gives as well Singer-Songwriters, Indiepop Artists as Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic Artists a home since 2014 . On this special day there will be many Newcomers and also established Artists. The Festival will start in the afternoon at a small stage in the Festspielhaus Garden and continues at the Main Stage on the Lake. After the concerts there will be clubsound and electronic music in the skybar.

Tickets are limited to 100 people.

Entry: 7 pm Begin: 8 pm


8.00 Melli Zech
8.15 Nadine Jeanne
8.30 Housewife Productions
8.45 Leonie Leuchtenmüller
9.00 Jakob Muehleisen
9.15 Thomsun & Band
9.30 Tom Hauser & Band
9.45 Wiedmann & Band
10.00 Philly The Kid & Mariomalistic
11.00 Ströme
00.00 Kee Lee

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Featured work

Levin Deger: Rapperswiler Ufer

Moira: Another Lesson

Katharina Busch: Try Try

Mercedes Benz: Trailer E-Klasse

Levin: So I'll wait

Foto Kite: Product Video

Devi Reith: The world is sound

Katharina Busch: Getting mad

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